I. Cannabis Industry

"Economic access and opportunities for people who were disproportionately impacted by the "war on drugs" based on class, race, and gender in the U.S.!"

Collective Strategies is committed to promoting fairness, justice, opportunity, and equity in the design and implementation of cannabis related public policy, enforcement and the economic and workforce opportunities. Collective Strategies focuses on:

• Advocacy for Equitable Cannabis Legalization, Taxation, and Enforcement;
• Community Engagement and Relationship Building
• Cannabis Entrepreneurship and Business Development
• Cannabis Public Health Awareness and Education; and
• Positive and Responsible Cannabis Usage, Branding, and Marketing Campaign

Cannabis Event Organizers

Collective Strategies is a licensed Cannabis Event Organizer with the State of California. Cannabis Event Organizer (Lic.#: CEO14-0000035-LIC).

Collective Strategies promotes the responsible advancement of the legal cannabis economy and marketplace by working with the industry, small businesses, and local municipalities and authorities to coordinate professional (consumption / sales & non-consumption / non-sale):

  1. Business and Consumer Expo's,
  2. Policy Summits and Conferences,
  3. Festivals, Concerts and Community, Events, and
  4. Others Public and Private Events

Visit the Events Page for information on current or past events.


Social Equity LA promotes Access, Inclusion and Diversity in the cannabis industry.

Social Equity LA provides economic development and opportunities for under-represented individuals and communities. Through Social Equity LA, we have created an online and in-person network that provides free, accurate and timely information on the Social Equity program and updates. Social Equity LA provides support and resources if you qualify for the City of Los Angeles Social Equity Program.

Please email us at info@socialequityla.com  or visit, http://www.socialequityla.com

II. Small and Minority Business Development and Contracting

There are Billion's of dollars available every year for qualified business enterprises that provide goods and commodities, personal and professional services, and construction and construction-related services.

Collective Strategies cultivates economic growth in Los Angeles through the increased use of certified small (S.B.E.), minority (M.B.E.), women (W.B.E.), veterans (D.V.B.E), and small local business enterprises (S.L.B.E.) in public and private contracting opportunities. Collective Strategies focuses on:

• Business Development, Project Management and Consulting (Start-Up and Growth)
• Business Inclusion Program Development, Implementation, Monitoring and Compliance
• Prime-Contractor and Sub-Contractor Engagement, Matchmaking and Events