Learn about the medicinal, health and wellness benefits of cannabis and enjoy some meditation, art, music and food!

Join other adults, seniors, medical patients, veterans, and other cannabis consumers for a day full of fun and relaxation.

The State of Cannabiz – Health & Wellness Fair will allow adults 21+ to purchase and consume cannabis products onsite (flower, edibles, vapes, topicals, tinctures and more). Activities, educational seminars and workshops will also take place during the event for novice and experienced consumers.


$25 General Admission (includes free swag bag and 1 raffle ticket)

20% discount enter Promo code: SOC20

For additional information or tickets please visit, www.stateofcannabiz.com.

TARGET AUDIENCE (1,500+ Attendees)

Adults 21+, Seniors, Veterans & Medical Patients / Novice & Experienced Cannabis Consumers


1. Workshops and Seminars:

  • Health and wellness, fitness, exercise and nutrition.
  • Medical educational seminars for medical patients and healthcare providers.
  • Latest bio-science technologies, innovation, products and consumer trends.

2. Activities:

  • Onsite Consumption & Sales
  • Educational Health Seminars
  • Yoga & Meditation & Puff “n” Paint
  • Live Music & Comedy
  • Photo Booth and Much More...

3. 35+ Exhibit Booths (CBD & THC vendors onsite)

4. Food, Edibles & Drinks (regular & infused)


9:00 am - Event Opens to Public

9:15 am - Yoga & Meditation Begins

10:00 am - Exhibit Booth Area Opens

10:15 am - Food & Concession Stands Open

10:30 am - Educational Health Seminars Begin

11:00 am - Puff “n” Paint Begins

12:00 pm - Live Music Begins

4:20 pm – Comedy Happy Hour

6:00 pm - Exhibit Booth Area Ends

7:00 pm – Event Closes to Public

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (45 Minute Sessions)

11:00 AM

Cannabis as Medicine – Learn about the history of Cannabis in America (how it got prohibited and how it came back), the Endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works as medicine and why should you take it. This presentation will explore treating symptoms vs treating diseases, side effects, myths and methods of


12:00 PM.

Cannabis Cultivation (Personal) – Do you cultivate or want learn from the experts on how to grow quality cannabis in your home – outdoors and indoors. This presentation will provide information on how to select the right location – indoor vs. outdoor vs. greenhouse, lighting, selecting the right strains and costs. Participants will as so learn when to harvest, trim, deal with pests and how to grow more than one crop a year (quality and quantity).

1:00 PM

Cannabis & Veterans – Learn about the opportunities and challenges with providing cannabis for veterans as a treatment for pain and PTSD. This presentation will also discuss different resources such as, the V.A., rehabilitation centers and other programs to provide treatment, support and cannabis to veterans.

2:00 PM

Cannabis Laws – Find out about the latest legislation coming out of Sacramento – analyze the bills still in consideration – what has passed, what has failed. Where are we in getting CA Cities and Counties to allow cannabis businesses and commerce. Can federal cannabis prohibition end in 2019? Programs to influence legislation on the local, state and federal level.

3:00 PM

Cannabis Innovations - Latest bio-science technologies, innovation, products and consumer trends.

4:00 PM

Cannabis Comedy Hour - Come laugh and enjoy a good high with some of the best 420 comedians in the industry.

5:00 PM

Cannabis Culinary Demonstration – Come learn and see a culinary showcase on how to cook with cannabis (CBD, THC and Terpenes) and how it can elevate cuisine, even in the absence of a high.

5:30 PM - Quinto Sol (Live Performance) 

Hope to see you there! 

Thank you,

Luis Rivera, CEO, 

Collective Strategies

Cannabis Event Organizer (Lic.#: CEO14-0000035-LIC)

Cell Phone: (818) 438-0840

Website: www.stateofcannabiz.com

Upcoming Event: The Employment Development Department (EDD) Cannabis Career Fair on Monday, September 23, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Exhibit Hall B of the Pasadena Convention Center (PCC), located at 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91104.

This free event is coordinated in partnership with the CannMed 2019 and Collective Strategies.

Learn more at, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cannabis-job-career-and-resource-fair-cannmed2019-tickets-64181793472).

Current Event(s): 

By 2025 the global legal cannabis market is expected to reach $146.4B. Build your network so your cannabis business can maximize its net worth!

Collective StrategiesSocial Equity LA, California Cannabis Coalition and Eaze invite you to the inaugural State of Cannabiz – 2019 Legislative Update & B2B Expo, to come learn about the current state of cannabis legislation, the marketplace and gain expertise from cannabis businesses across the supply chain.


Join 500+ licensed cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retail operators, suppliers, as well as other professional service providers and government representatives (21+).


Saturday, April 13, 2019, from 10 am – 4 pm

Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA, 90015

South Hall: Concourse Meeting Room, 403 A&B

Event Information, https://www.lacclink.com/events/detail/state-of-cannabiz or http://www.stateofcannabiz.com,

$50 Pre-Sale Tickets (extended until 4/1) visit, https://stateofcannabiz.eventbrite.com

This is a non-consumption event


The State of Cannabiz - 2019 Legislative Update & B2B Expo will provide:


  1. Key Legislative Updates (State and Federal)


  1. B2B Information Sessions:
  • Licensing, Compliance and Enforcement (CA & City of LA)
  • Legal, Taxes, Banking and Accounting
  • Medicinal, Wellness and Holistic
  • Social Justice, Culture and Economic Opportunities
  • Investment, Innovation and Tech
  1. Networking (Connect with policy experts and leading industry professionals with hands on experience and expertise to help grow your cannabis business).
  1. 40+ Exhibit Booths, Food, Drinks and Giveaways

Current Sponsors and Partners Include:

  • Brownie Mary Democrats
  • California Cannabis Coalition
  • California Minority Alliance- I.E. Chapter
  • Clark Neubert LLP
  • Collective Strategies
  • CPA Green Growth
  • Dama Financial
  • Drug Policy Alliance
  • Eaze
  • Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project (MAPP)
  • Orange County NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
  • Rebalan
  • Social Equity LA
  • CannaClub at UCLA
  • Veterans Cannabis Coalition
  • Weed Blog
  • Weed for Warriors Project


10:00 am - Networking & Exhibit Booth Expo (ongoing)

10:30 am – Eaze Insights Data Report

10:45 am – Key Legislative Updates

11:15 am - Licensing, Compliance & Enforcement

11:45 am - Legal, Taxes, Banking & Accounting

12:15 pm - Break

12:45 pm - Medicinal, Wellness & Holistic

1:30 pm - Social Justice, Culture & Economic Opportunities

2:15 pm - Investment, Innovation & Tech

3:00 pm - Networking & Exhibit Booth Expo

4:00 pm - Close


10:30 AM – Eaze Insights Report (15 mins):

Highlights of the latest report in the Eaze Insights series which reveals the cannabis customer base is growing and diversifying, demonstrating a rise in popularity across all adult groups, regardless of gender or age.

 10:45 AM - 2019 Legislative Update Session (30 mins):

2019 is a going to be a major year for the cannabis industry as lawmakers across the country will introduce more legislation and regulations than ever before to try to keep up with the rapid growth and demand.

This presentation will focus on the global state of the cannabis marketplace from a Federal and State perspective. Speakers will provide an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the legal cannabis marketplace in 2019 and beyond.

11:15 AM - Licensing, Compliance & Enforcement (30 mins):

Updates on licensing in CA & City of LA Phase 1-3, the future of regulations, and an overview of the compliance and enforcement tools and efforts being utilized to shut down the illegal market.

 11:45 AM - Legal, Taxes, Banking & Accounting (30 mins):

Information on changes related to Tax Codes, Sales and Use Tax Laws, Insurance, Banking and other relevant financial regulations to make sure you are not paying too much on your taxes.

12:45 PM - Medicinal, Wellness & Holistic (45 mins):

Discover the latest science, breakthroughs and biotechnologies of cannabinoids; as well as the health, lifestyle and mindfulness benefits.

 1:30 PM - Social Justice, Culture & Economic Opportunities (45 mins):

Explore efforts to right the wrongs of "the war on drugs", the culture of cannabis and new business and career opportunities in the industry (including ancillary services).

2:15 PM - Investment, Innovation & Tech (45 mins):

Learn about the latest stocks and the broad range of investment vehicles; as well as innovative technologies and compliance solutions to track every step of the process, from seed to sale.


To inquire about becoming a sponsor or for an exhibit booth please fill out the Exhibit Booth form at, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DHBM6GN.



The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), is located at 1201 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA, 90015. This event will take place in the South Hall: Concourse Meeting Room 403 A&B.

iew facility map at,  https://lacclink.production.carbonhouse.com/assets/doc/LACC_Level_2_Map_2018-e031b4ed85.pdf


The Los Angeles Convention Center can accommodate 5,600 vehicles. Daily parking rate ranges $15-30. General parking garage hours are 5:30 am - 9:00 pm daily. See map at, https://www.lacclink.com/assets/doc/LACC_Parking_Updated-June-2015.pdf

*Recommended Parking Lot:  The South Hall parking lot is located within the closest proximity to the venue.

For more information visit, https://stateofcannabiz.eventbrite.com or call (818) 669-6144.

Past Events:

2/28 - How to Start Your Own CannaBiz! Legal & Business Workshop @ USC

Cannabis Event Organizer (Lic.#: CEO14-0000035-LIC)