Access to Capital Virtual Series & Covid-19 Recovery Fund

Our nation’s small businesses are the backbone of the economy and are facing an unprecedented economic disruption due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. During this time small businesses need critical resources, guidance, communication and education about available Covid-19 Emergency programs and funding opportunities, along with other resource and technical assistance support, directly and indirectly associated with Covid-19 Emergency programs.

The Access to Capital Virtual Series and Covid-19 Recovery Fund aim to provide a: 1) bridge to resources and, 2) much needed financial relief.

Access to Capital Virtual Series:
The Covid-19 Emergency Virtual Series  4-part business development Series will be conducted both in English and Spanish. The Series will focus on:

1. How to Access Capital (i.e, Financial Programs & Resources)
2. How to Manage your Business (i.e, Strategic Business Planning)
3. How to Market your Business (i.e., Digital & Social Media Strategies)
4. How to Grow your Business (i.e., Procurement & Subcontracting Opportunities)

Covid-19 Recovery Fund:

COVID-19 has had an unanticipated impact on City of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley small-and-minority-owned businesses, many who have been struggling to meet existing financial and legal demands, only to have their only income streams halted or diminished, in a world-wide effort to slow the spread of the virus.

The Covid-19 Recovery Fund will provide relief and support during this crisis for essential San Fernando Valley small-and-minority-owned businesses who: 1) Loss revenues or staff due to the Covid-19 Crisis, 2) Complete the Series, and 3) Submit a Video Pitch.

Target Area / Population:
The Covid-19 Emergency Access to Capital Virtual Series & Covid-19 Recovery Fund aims to provide relief to the City of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley small and minority businesses, who were financially affected by the Covid-19 disruption.