1. Strategic Planning, Administrative Support and Technical Assistance
2. Advocacy, Policy and Program Development
3. Civic Engagement and Political Affairs
4. Public Information, Education and Awareness Campaigns
5. Reports, Research, and Market Data Analysis


6. Business Development, Project Management and Consulting (Start-Up and Growth)
7. Community Event Planning and Coordination
8. Community Benefits Agreements
9. Project Labor Agreements
10. Economic and Workforce Development Services (Including Recruitment, Training and Placement)


11. Career, Internship, and Apprentice Program Development
12. Social and Cultural Awareness Programs and Events
13. Diverse Talent Acquisition
14. Investment Fund Planning and Development
15. Public Private Partnerships - develop strategic partnerships with state, county and city agencies to help launch innovative programs and initiatives.


Focus Areas

Collective Strategies is currently working on Access, Inclusion, and Diversity in the current key under-represented business sectors and industries:

I. Cannabis Industry (Including Ancillary Services)

II. Small and Minority Business Development and Contracting (W.B.E./M.B.E./S.B.E./S.L.B.E./D.V.B.E.)

III. Entertainment, Media, and Creative Arts (Coming Soon)

IV. S.T.E.M. (Coming Soon)

Next Steps.

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